Joint Venture Opportunity!


Hypnosis is an excellent tool that can be applied to so many different subjects to enhance learning, overcome blocks, and create even greater success.


Maybe hypnosis could be applied to your specialty area to help your customers to be even more successful with your products and services - generating more profits for you!


If a joint venture might be of interest to you, please download the free audios below for more information and a sample of my work. (Right-click on links below to download):


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You made it so easy to work with you!


I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently you work. I've never done a joint project that went together so easily. Creating the study guides and audios was a pleasure because of your work ethic and willingness to collaborate. I truly appreciate the opportunity to do this project with you and look forward to our next one.

Jeanette S Cates, PhD




Look no further! I'm proud to say that I have found a secret weapon!


You know how some people are great idea generators, but never follow through???? Maybe you have partnered with someone like this in the past with the hopes of creating something as a joint venture, but were disappointed when they were more 'talk' than action.


An excellent hypnotist, Valerie Dawson is a 'get it done' kind of gal. She is an info-marketing visionary who has a great idea about using hypnosis to enhance learning with info products that are being sold.


No longer does the consumer end up with a ton of 'shelf help,' but thanks to Valerie's ingenuity she can partner with you, and create products that are awesome! Valerie keeps her commitments, is easy to work with, and can make the process easy and smooth for you if you want a dynamite new way of adding value to your customers. I have already recommended her to the folks in my network, and can't wait to recommend her to you.

Therese Skelly
Small Business Success Coach



Val is a Dream Joint Venture Partner


Val Dawson has been a dream joint venture partner and I highly 
recommend working with her. What surprised me the most was the speed at which she took our original ideas and implemented them.
It's refreshing to have a partnership run so smoothly and I firmly 
believe that the project would not have been completed as quickly had it not been for her attention to detail.
Thanks Val!

Stu McLaren



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